Addition IV CUSTOMIZED therapy 


Unless the biochemical imbalances which are the true causes of drug abuse problems are corrected, the benefits of psychological counseling will be marginal for most people complaining of addiction problems. 

Perhaps that’s alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis or harder substances like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and anti-depressants that may induce physical addiction that prevents them from leading a normal life. 

Vitamins and supplements are known to  minimize withdrawal symptoms, overcome addictions, and get on with normal life, 
and even if you don’t struggle with addiction, these nutrients are still great for optimal brain function and mental health.  

Addiction is a chronic brain disease. Studies show that drugs physically change the structure and functioning of the brain, and these documented brain changes lead to cravings.

It is proven that high-quality bioavailable nutrients are an important aspect of combating and correcting this for different reasons :
Improving bad absorption, combating bad Apetit associated with drugs, replacing low nutrients in tissues, and improving exhausted enzymes in different biochemical reactions in cells to produce energy for proper organ functions affected by drug abuse.

Customized AI IV therapy is the only key solution for proper control of addiction physical problems, withdrawal symptoms, or even psychological aspects.